Inspection Guide

Bronx CookSpace is currently closed for renovations. We will reopen in Spring 2023.

As a Bronx CookSpace member and food service establishment operating in New York City, you may be inspected at least once a year by either the NYC Department of Health (DOH) or the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets (Ag & Markets). While inspections may be stressful, they are important to ensuring the safety of the food you produce, for your customers, employees and yourself. 

Bronx CookSpace has created a guide to help you prepare for your inspection with DOH. If you are inspected by Ag & Markets, you may also find this guide useful. The guide explains the inspection process and how violations are issued, and offers helpful tips for avoiding common violations. 


The guide includes copies of the Self-Inspection Worksheet for Food Service Establishments, and the Food Service Establishment Penalty Schedule. The guide also refers to the DOH Food Protection Training Manual, which you can download here.